Labsi Working Papers

ISSN 1825-8131 (online version) 1825-8123 (print version)
Issue Author(s) Title
53/2019 Shane Niall O’Higgins
Clelia Mazzone
Patrizia Sbriglia
Evaluating Trust and Trustworthiness in Groups (November 2019)
52/2018 Enrica Carbone
Kostantinos Georgalos
Gerardo Infante
Individuals vs. Group Decision Making: an Experiment on Dynamic Choice under Risk and Ambiguity (September 2018)
51/2018 Valeria Faralla
Guido Borà
Alessandro Innocenti
Marco Novarese
Promises in Group Decision Making (May 2018)
50/2017 Daniela Di Cagno Werner Güth Marcello Puca Patrizia Sbriglia Group Influence in Sharing Experiments (October 2017)
49/2015 Alessandro Innocenti Virtual Reality Experiments in Economics (November 2015)
48/2014 Niall O’Higgins
Arturo Palomba
Patrizia Sbriglia
Gender Effects, Culture and Social Influence in the Dictator Game: An Italian Study (December 2014)
47/2013 Valeria Faralla
Alessandro Innocenti
Stefano Taddei
Eva Venturini
Physiological Responses to Stressful Work Situations in Low-Immersive Virtual Environments (July 2013)
46/2013 Valeria Faralla
Alessandro Innocenti
Eva Venturini
Risk Taking and Social Exposure (July 2013)
45/2012 Jeffrey V. Butler
Enrica Carbone
Pierluigi Conzo
Giancarlo Spagnolo
Reputation and Entry (December 2012)
44/2012 Francesco Feri
Alessandro Innocenti
Paolo Pin
Is There Psychological Pressure in Competitive Environments? (December 2012)
43/2012 Enrica Carbone
Gerardo Infante
The Effect of a Short Planning Horizon on Intertemporal Consumption Choices (December 2012)
42/2012 Enrica Carbone
Gerardo Infante
Are Groups Better Planners Than Individuals? An Experimental Analysis (December 2012)
41/2012 Simon Halliday Taking, Punishment and Trust (August 2012)
40/2012 Luigi Luini
Annamaria Nese
Patrizia Sbriglia
Social Influence in Trustors’ Neighborhoods (July 2012)
39/2012 Lory Barile Does Tax Evasion Affect Firms’ Internal Control? Some Evidence from an Experimental Approach (February 2012)
38/2012 Azzurra Ruggeri
Konstantinos V.
More Does Not Always Lead to Better: Mothers, Young Women, and Girls Generating Causes of a Baby Crying (February 2012)
37/2012 Alessandro Innocenti
Tommaso Nannicini
Roberto Ricciuti
The Importance of Betting Early (January 2012)
36/2011 Alessandro Innocenti
Chiara Rapallini
Voting by Ballots and Feet in the Laboratory (January 2011)
35/2011 Lavoslav Caklovic Conflict Resolution. Risk-As-Feelings Hypothesis (January 2011)
34/2010 Jordi Brandts
Orsola Garofalo
Gender Pairings and Accountability Effect (November 2010)
33/2010 Valeria Faralla
Francesca Benuzzi
Fausta Lui
Patrizia Baraldi
Paolo Nichelli
Nicola Dimitri
Gains and Losses: A Common Neural Network for Economic Behaviour (September 2010)
32/2010 Georgios Halkias
Flora Kokkinaki
Attention, Memory, and Evaluation of Schema Incongruent Brand Messages: An Empirical Study (September 2010)
31/2010 Giuseppe Attanasi
Aldo Montesano
The Price for Information about Probabilities and its Relation with Capacities(September 2010)
30/2010 Angela Dalton
Alan Brothers
Stephen Walsh
Paul Whitney
Expert Elicitation Method Selection Process and Method Comparison (September 2010)
29/2010 Valeria Faralla
Francesca Benuzzi
Paolo Nichelli
Nicola Dimitri
Gains and Losses in Intertemporal Preferences: A Behavioural Study (June 2010)
28/2010 S.N. O’Higgins
Arturo Palomba
Patrizia Sbriglia
Second Mover Advantage and Bertrand Dynamic Competition: An Experiment (May 2010)
27/2009 Alessandro Innocenti
Patrizia Lattarulo
Maria Grazia Pazienza
Heuristics and Biases in Travel Mode Choice (December 2009)
26/2009 Alessandro Innocenti
Antonio Nicita
Virtual vs. Standard Strike: An Experiment (June 2009)
25/2009 Annamaria Nese
Patrizia Sbriglia
Individuals’ Voting Choice and Cooperation in Repeated Social Dilemma Games (February 2009)
24/2009 Roberto Galbiati
Karl Schlag
Joël van der Weele
Can Sanctions Induce Pessimism? An Experiment (January 2009)
23/2008 Astri Drange Hole How do economists differ from others in distributive situations? (September 2008)
22/2008 Alessandro Innocenti
Alessandra Rufa
Jacopo Semmoloni
Cognitive Biases and Gaze Direction: An Experimental Study (June 2008)
21/2008 Francesco Farina
Niall O’Higgins
Patrizia Sbriglia
Eliciting motives for trust and reciprocity by attitudinal and beahvioural measures (June 2008)
20/2008 Carla Marchese
Marcello Montefiori
Voting the public expenditure: an experiment (May 2008)
19/2007 Antonio Cabrales
Rosemarie Nagel
José V. Rodrìguez
It is Hobbes, not Rosseau: An Experiment on Social Insurance (September 2007)
18/2007 Joana Pais
Ágnes Pintér
School Choice and Information. An Experimental Study on Matching Mechanisms (September 2007)
17/2007 Vivian Lei
Steven Tucker
Filip Vesely
Forgive or Buy Back: An Experimental Study of Debt Relief (September 2007)
16/2007 Jaromir Kovarik Belief Formation and Evolution in Public Good Games (September 2007)
15/2007 Nicolao Bonini
Ilana Ritov
Michele Graffeo
When does a referent problem affect willingness to pay for a public good? (September 2007)
14/2007 Jens Großer
Arthur Schram
Public Opinion Polls, Voter Turnout, and Welfare: An Experimental Study (September 2007)
13/2007 Klaus Abbink
Jordi Brandts
Political Autonomy and Independence: Theory and Experimental Evidence (September 2007)
12/2007 Mauro Caminati
Alessandro Innocenti
Roberto Ricciuti
Drift and Equilibrium Selection with Human and Virtual Players(April 2007)
11/2006 Niall O’Higgins
Patrizia Sbriglia
Are Imitative Strategies Game Specific? Experimental Evidence from Market Games(October 2006)
10/2006 Robin Pope
Reinhard Selten
Sebastian Kube
Jürgen von Hagen
Experimental Evidence on the Benefits of Eliminating Exchange Rate Uncertainties and Why Expected Utility Theory causes Economists to Miss Them (May 2006)
9/2006 Gerlinde Fellner
Erik Theissen
Short Sale Constraints, Divergence of Opinion and Asset Values: Evidence from the Laboratory (April 2006)
8/2006 Gunduz Caginalp
Vladimira Ilieva
The dynamics of trader motivations in asset bubbles (April 2006)
7/2006 Brian Kluger
Daniel Friedman
Financial Engineering and Rationality: Experimental Evidence Based on the Monty Hall Problem (April 2006)
6/2006 Brice Corgnet
Angela Sutan
Arvind Ashta
The power of words in financial markets: soft versus hard communication, a strategy method experiment (April 2006)
5/2006 Alessandro Innocenti
Maria Grazia Pazienza
Altruism and Gender in the Trust Game (February 2006)
4/2005 Roberto Ricciuti Bringing Macroeconomics into the Lab (December 2005)
3/2005 Carlo Altavilla
Luigi Luini
Patrizia Sbriglia
Social Learning in Market Games (June 2005)
Marco Casari
Luigi Luini
Group Cooperation Under Alternative Peer Punishment Technologies: An Experiment (June 2005)
1/2005 Roberto Galbiati
Pietro Vertova
Law and Behaviours in Social Dilemmas: Testing the Effect of Obligations on Cooperation (April 2005)